Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Present Day Practicality and Popularity of Garnet Gemstones among Individuals

Garnet Gemstones irrespective of its color is a pretty gem. It is so because it renders its users with a lot of prestige and adds a sense of aura to that person. It is a gem that is most popular in Russia. Many modern day people are also using Garnet Gemstones in fancy jewelry and also using them to ward off their bad luck. The Russians used to call this gemstone the Imperial Garnet Gemstones. 

It is also known as the most romantic gem since time immemorial. Hence, one can easily deduce that why Diamond Beads Online is increasingly being used in marriage ceremonies. It is also a center stone for many engagement rings in various parts of the world. The look of Garnet Gemstones gets enriched when it is displayed against gold or silver background. This is also the reason that Garnet Gemstones are a favored choice among many jewelers.  

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Its Modern Day Popularity:

It is a widely accepted fact that Garnet Gemstones can be used exclusively in wedding jewelry and ornaments. As it is regarded as one of the most precious stones ever found on this earth, many people also use this stone to decorate their valuable articles. However, it is interesting to note that Garnet Gemstones is a birth symbol of December. Apart from using it in weddings and social occasions, Garnet Gemstones can also be utilized in the designing of several expensive scientific instruments. For instance, with the help of Garnet Gemstones, a high precision lens can be developed with the aid of which one can see minute details. Hence, it can comprehensively replace the usage of bulky microscopes.

It's Distinct Color Varieties:

The different color varieties of Coral Gemstone Beads have further increased its popularity among many people. It is so because, with the help of a variety of colors, many forms of ornaments and beautiful fancy things can be given the look of elegance. There are many color variants of Garnet Gemstones like rose pink, strawberry pink and crimson which has increasingly appealed to the individuals. However, one must verify the originality of the product at the time of buying because these days many duplicate gemstones are flooding the market. The increasing use of Garnet Gemstones in engagement rings for couples is another example.

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You can also buy these attractive set of gemstones online. By purchasing from an online source, it can be ensured that you have access to the best quality gemstones.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Emerald: Benefits and the Healing Properties of the Green Stone

If you have recently visited an astrologer or a Guru and have been advised to wear an emerald, consider yourself to be lucky. Firstly, not all the zodiac signs can enjoy the magical benefits of this stone. Secondly, this stone is beautiful and its green color keeps you attached to the Mother Earth you walk on.

All set to know about the miracles that this wonderful green stone can bring into your life? Then read below to know the amazing benefits and healing properties of the beautiful emerald gemstone:

1.  Emerald boosts intelligence in an individual: Despite trying hard, there are times when you are just not able to showcase your intelligence in front of others. When you start wearing emerald beads in jewelry, you will find it easy to influence people with your intellect and skills.

2.  This stone is popular to ignite and sustain spiritual aspects in an individual: If you want to improve your spiritual attributes, emerald is one of the best stones that you can wear. It boosts your meditative skills and makes you closer to your Higher Self.

3.  If you have been going through communication issues or if you want to be understood, emerald can act as a helping hand: It is not your fault when others can’t understand you; there are a lot of people who are misunderstood even by the closest friends they have. However, the day you start wearing this stone is the day when people start understanding you in a better way. Your communication skills are improved with the help of this stone.

4.  There are a lot of allergies that can be avoided and treated with the help of this deep-green colored stone: If you have been allergic to something, emerald can treat it for you.

5.  Breathing and respiratory difficulties can be overcome by wearing an emerald stone: Thousands of people go through breathing and respiratory difficulties. Emerald stone has healing properties for such individuals.

6.  This stone has the capacity to blow off all the emotional burdens you have been going through all this while: Emotional toxicity can drain you. Emerald stone protects you from such a dangerous thing.

7.  Are you always shy or reserved? An emerald is the best friend to an introvert individual: Introverts find it difficult to develop social skills, unless they start wearing an emerald stone.

8.  Physics, astrologers and healers wear this stone to gain name and fame in their fields: Emerald stone promises to enhance psychic abilities in an individual.

9.  Emerald boosts artistic talents in an individual: This is one of the stones that most of the artists wear.

10.  If you want to achieve success in life, this is the stone that promises to help you with the same: No matter what your field is, emerald promises success and fame in your profession.

Apart from the amazing merits of this stone, the most important thing is that it looks delicate and presentable when you wear it. There are only a few stones that are as beautiful as this one.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Aspects of Blue Zircon

Blue Zircon is an extremely hard gemstone. The color of the stone is brilliantly blue. Only a few gemstones in the world can match up to the level of its hardness. People seldom mix the blue zircon with cubic zirconia. Both the stones are poles apart in nature when it comes to their properties of chemical and origin. Zircon is a natural element, with the scientific name zirconium silicate. It is found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Cambodia, East Africa and Australia. The pure zircon is colorless but takes up hues of many shades when it gathers impurities.

Blue Zircon Gemstones

The fire and the brilliance of this popular gemstone are extremely attractive and also a pricey one when it comes to purchasing. Zircon has a great variety. It is rare too. The gem collectors add this stone to their personal collection in its variety of forms, shapes, and colors. Zircon, for having unique features and characteristics is popular with the geologists to study. The colors of availability of zircon are honey, blue, red, white, green, etc. They are not radioactive by nature.

Among all of the above-mentioned colors, blue zircon gemstone is the most popular and the most favorite of the gemstone enthusiasts. It is better to buy the blue zircon in loose form rather than in the pre-set format because you will get the full value of the stone. In fact, buying loose blue zircon can also save a lot of money. The first and the most important thing to consider while buying the stone is to know the details of it before hand. Before buying this stone, it is very important to remember that the deep blue shade of the blue zircon can hide the deformity of the stone. Take a very careful look at it when you are buying from the dealer.

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While buying loose blue zircon, you would enjoy the liberty to choose the shape of your choice and also the cut of it. The loose blue zircon will be able to help you to create a fascinating piece of jewelry that you have always wished for owning and flaunting.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Gift a Rose Quartz Gemstone Instead of a Rose!

What’s pink and bright and smooth and beautiful?

It is nothing but a Rose quartz gemstone. It is fair, lovely and gorgeously attractive. Even if someone sitting on another table in the restaurant you are at is wearing a Rose quartz gemstone, it grabs your attention. To be honest, it is not the stone that impulses you to look at the person, it is the energy. This stone is said to have the energy of love. Different Rose quartz gemstones are available in different shades from light pink to a little on the darker side, but each one of them looks equally pretty.

This season, if you are planning to gift roses to someone, we would suggest you gift a Rose quartz gemstone. If you ask us why this is the perfect gift for someone, we can give you a whole list. To save time, here’s a short list of why someone deserves a Rose quartz gemstone:

•  It is not gender based: It doesn’t matter if you want to gift a Rose quartz gemstone to a man or a woman, it has the same benefits for both the genders.

•  It can be worn by anyone belonging to any zodiac sign: From Aquarians to Scorpios, any zodiac sign can wear a Rose quartz beads to enjoy its wonderful and positive energies. Thus, you don’t even have to know a person’s zodiac sign before gifting him this stone.

•  A Rose quartz gemstone improves a person’s love life: If you think this person has been through enough in his love life, gifting this stone to him will bring a new love into his life.

•  It improves the romantic life of the one who wears it all the time: A Rose quartz gemstone is popular for its romantic energies.

•  It increases spiritualistic feelings in an individual: Please note that this stone doesn’t boost religious attitudes in an individual; it makes a person spiritual.

•  It looks beautiful: What can be prettier than gifting a baby pink colored stone of love?

•  It is not very expensive and hence you can easily gift one to someone you love the most: There are a few Rose quartz gemstones that are expensive, but then there are also those that are easily affordable. Pick an affordable Rose quartz gemstone for your loved one.

•  This stone enhances the beauty of the one who wears it: This stone makes a person more beautiful.

•  A Rose quartz gemstone is related to your Heart Chakra: Heart Chakra controls your emotions and relationships. Wearing a Rose quartz gemstone can heal the person’s Heart Chakra, strengthening his relationship.

•  It is gifted as a love token: Even if you have absolutely no idea about the benefits of wearing or gifting a Rose quartz gemstone, you can give it as a token of your love and gratitude.

A Rose quartz gemstone improves your relationship. It promotes sensual imagination and heals differences between two lovers. If you want to strengthen your relationship with your partner, you can always gift this stone to him or her.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

4 Gemstones That Heal Relationships with Guaranteed Results

Strong relationships exemplify the quality of life. The interaction of one human with another is based on many factors like social background, moral ethics and professional etiquettes. However, many individuals fail to build and sustain their relationships beyond a certain level. Failed relationships are not only detrimental to the self-confidence of the persons; it is also bad for health. That’s why astrologers recommend individuals with failed relationships to consider gemstones to soothe their attitude towards life.

Here are 4 gemstones that heal relationships with guaranteed results.

1.  Peridot:

Peridot gemstone was worn by the kings and high priests in the ancient era. Rightly called the Healer’s Stone, Peridot can heal virtually any strained relationship in a very short time. Estranged couples are reunited with each other after wearing peridot. It is a miraculous gemstone with assured results in dealing with strained relationship with family members. 

Peridot, owing to its yellow-green color is believed to influence the functioning of the liver, kidneys and the lungs. Individuals who suffer from failed relationships often fall into the addiction trap. They smoke, start drinking or do drugs to overcome the pain of break ups. Peridot can shield a person from such cataclysmic events.

2.  Amber:

Are people questioning your faithfulness in relationships? Are you fighting it hard to retain the loyalty factor in your day to day life? If yes, pick amber as your savior gemstone. Amber is the fossilized plant sap that has turned into a gemstone. Highly revered for its purity and clarity, amber is the cleansing stone that promotes relationships and fortune.

Ruled by the planet Sun, amber gemstone beads can be worn to strengthen the karmic action following a breakup or loss of the person.

3.  Azurite:

Azurite is a shimmering blue gemstone that has found its way into the market owing to its iconic appearance. A divine stone, by all means, wearing azurite clears the confusion and doubts arising in a relationship related to infidelity, poor communication, and mistrust.

Azurite beads are often worn to spark intuition about the partner’s intention in the relationship. While it is not fair to judge any person, azurite is the ‘secret weapon’ that has the ability to diffuse initial doubts about people. Ideal for businessmen and people engaged in legal affairs, azurite symbolizes the ‘third eye’ of Lord Shiva.

4.  Pink Tourmaline:

This is the absolute ‘girl power’ that every woman must adorn to protect their relationship interests. For women living under constant doubt about the intentions of their partners, pink tourmaline is an excellent accessory. It heals the relationship by mellowing the damaged dimensions. 

Pink Tourmaline gemstones improve the confidence even during the roughest and toughest phases of the relationship. The gemstone is basically a physical healer that induces positivity towards life. For women suffering from hormonal disorders, wearing tourmaline can ease the pain that comes with disrupted intimacy.

What are the other options?

Astrologers specifically recommend a set of recognized gemstones to overcome relationship disruptions. Blue sapphire, pink Kunzite, malachite and ruby are other popular relationship healer stones.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Top 6 Tips on Choosing a Red Beryl

Rubellite tourmaline or red beryl, as it is commonly called in the gemstone market, is a big name in the rarity segment. It is hard to identify the red beryl from its emerald varieties. Owing to its red and pink colour, there is a high risk involved in its market. Most red beryls available in the market are either flawed or artificially treated using heat treatments that won’t last a lifetime.

Here are 6 tips on choosing a red beryl gemstone that is worth your time, effort and money.

1.  Colours:

A true rubellite is a dark saturated raspberry pink gemstone, with clear lustre and consistent pink shade. It could have darker shades like purple and violet, but the pink one remains most elusive stone in the market. Rubellite gemstone in darker shaded should be avoided as they are mostly likely to be treated with artificial resins and dyes.

2.  Clarity:

High clarity gemstones in red beryl segment are not rare anymore. Low clarity gemstones of course are priced much lower than the clearer ones. High IF to VVS clarity ratio are available only with lab-standard gemstone sellers who decide the pricing of the red beryl based on the carat size, facets visible and the degree of pleochroism.

3.  Treatments:

Red beryl gemstones do undergo certain degree of enhancement, in the form of heat treatment and irradiation. The Rubellite market is full of irradiated gemstones, which directly affects their optical properties. Ionizing the crystal lattice alters its optical properties resulting in uniform colouration and stable lustre. Colourless and pink beryls turn into brilliant blue gemstones on irradiation with Cobalt-60.

4.  How to spot treatments:

Red beryls are hard to test in terms of quality and enhancements done. Impossible to detect under naked eyes, they can be tested only under Fourier Series IR Spectroscope. Natural, untreated gemstone doesn’t cause any colour shift. There are possibilities of finding intrusions and tunnels inside the tunnel, which suggest that the gemstone has undergone heat treatment or irradiation of some sorts.

5.  Durability test:

Red beryl can withstand significant amount of impact force, owing to its hardness of 7.5 on Mohs scale. It does not shatter or break away like glass. If it does, it is silica or quartz, not red beryl. Another point to be noted is its lack of cleavage. Low clarity red beryls have slight cleavage, which could be labelled as weakness or flaws.

6.  Sizes and cuts:

Red tourmaline gemstone or red beryl is available in size less than standard 3-carat gemstone. Most common size for red beryl is 0.9 carat. Bigger stones run the risk of poor clarity and lustre, and require extensive polishing in the long run.

tourmaline gemstone

Red beryls are often cut in Princess-Cut, Brilliants and Emerald-cut, highlighting their alluring brilliance matching the contemporary commercial market standards.

If you are shopping for a red beryl engagement ring, ensure that the seller has in-house gem cutting unit. Never buy a red beryl from retailers who are mostly end-sellers. High-quality rubellites have high resale value, only if they are traded from the certified gemstone sellers.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

A Look at 6 Scintillating Facts About Rubellite Gemstone

Confusion in names can led to significant damage in gemstone reputation and market share. Rubellite is one such gemstone that faced the poor marketing, as it was often sold as a ruby gemstone early in part of the 20st century. Even today, not many gemstone buyers and collectors are aware about the value of rubellite.
Here are 6 scintillating facts about Rubellite gemstone that one must know about.

1.  Rubellite: The family:

Rubellite is a colourful, pink-red gemstone belonging to the family of tourmalines. They are created under intense pressure, showcased through the variety of colours they exhibit, ranging from shocking pink to ruby red.

2.  Rarity quotient:

Rubellite, unlike rubies, is a very rare gemstone, and is adored for its purity and clarity. Its name is derived from the Latin word for red, “rubellus”. Every year, 100,000 carats of rubellites are mined from different parts of the world. Unlike Burma Rubies, the rubellites are hardly found in Asia, except for in Paksitan, Afghanistan and Kirghizstan. Top producers of rubellites are Brazil, Madagascar and Nigeria.

Its rarity quotient drives the price tag in the market.

3.  Qualities that make it special:

Rubellite is a pyro-electric gemstone. It is capable of generating an electric potential when heated or cooled. The crystalline structure is polarized when exposed to a differential temperature, resulting in generation of a voltage. In that sense, rubellite shares its property of pyro-electricity with quartz, elbaite, leucophanite, and mellite.

4.  Different names in the market:

Rubellite is referred to as a tourmaline gemstone with sparkling pink colour. However, there are other shades too, and they are known by different names. For instance, blue rubellite is called indicolite, and the green ones are called verdelite. Ruby colour is the most valuable, and that’s why it is competing for attention with the rubies.

It is called red tourmaline, but rubellite sounds all the more catchy.

5.  Uses and purpose:

Rubellite, owing to its pyro-electric properties, helps in preventing body shocks. It neutralises the harmful effect of microwave, UV rays and visible radiation from the electronic gadgets. Scientists working in nuclear field are advised to use rubellite gemstone bracelets to keep the radiation exposure within limits.

According to the gemstone experts, rubellites are an excellent source of optimism and energy, used by professionals to stay on track of success. It also empowers the students to score better in competitive examinations.

It is referred to as the Emotional Healer, owing to its effect on the Heart Chakra. It helps in overcoming fears of accident, darkness, instability and mental sickness. Mediation with rubellite is now catching up with the spiritual leaders. It rebuilds confidence and self-esteem in the person wearing rubellite.

6.  Rubellite enhancements:

Irradiation is the common enhancement treatment done on rubellites. It is done to produce clear and consistent red pink shade. It is undetectable and does not change the overall beauty of the stone. Only Fourier Transform IR Spectroscopy can manage to detect the enhancements made on them.

Due to its hardness of 7.5, it is great for long-term use.