Thursday, April 26, 2018

What Is So Unique About Sun Stone Oregon Gemstones?

Sunstone is a mineral used as a gemstone which may be colorless, yellow, red, green, blue and copper schiller. They are also called Heliolite, which is found throughout the world but Sunstone has a variety called Sunstone Oregon which is found in Oregon and contains copper. It is a unique stone. Sunstone Oregon is the plagioclase feldspar which is found only in Oregon. It has a volcanic origin and is formed in molten lava. The copper content is responsible for the beautiful hues of these gemstones. Sunstone Oregon has grown in popularity in recent years due to the amazing variety of colors, clarity, and composition. They are transparent and translucent crystal feldspar which create the array of colors and shades truly admirable, creating the amazing optical effect.

Earlier it was believed to be used by the magicians to attract the power of the sun. It enables and enhances the wearer with self-healing powers, leading to the harmonious functioning of all the body organs. It relieves chronic sore throats and SAD, which is Seasonal Affective Disorder. It is believed to remove depression and increase self esteem. It is the most effective when used in the sunlight. It is known to promote good humour. It helps in self-nurturing.

Sun Stone Oregon gemstones
Sunstone Oregon is used only by those jewellers who are innovative and creative and know how to design exquisite and rare pieces of jewellery from these beautiful gemstones for those customers who are always on the lookout for something new and exciting. Its glittery and glowing schiller effect has held the fascination and attention of many. The more the beautifully carved the gemstone, the more the value it becomes.

Ratna Sagar Jewels hold the expertise in carving this amazing gemstone in the forms that are so much desirable to the customers. It may be oval, rondelle, heart-shaped or flat pear-shaped faceted; it never fails to attract the attention of those who know its true value and understand how skilfully it has been faceted into these innovative shapes. The company has never disappointed its customers in offering the best in quality and that is the reason for the ever-expanding goodwill and great reputation in the national as well as the international market.

Sun Stone Oregon

We at Ratna Sagar Jewels bring to you the unmatched variety and amazing designs in Sunstone Oregon Gemstone jewellery which is just not limited to catering the most common hues. Rather we go for the rarest of the variety, like the striking blue which is the most breathtakingly beautiful. We customize our pieces according to our customers’ preference and taste and our skilled artisans always reproduce what our clients have in their imagination. Our AAA quality gemstones are never known to compromise on quality and that is the reason we are a leading name who have carved a niche for ourselves in the world of ethereal beauty that holds the connection with the universe and one cannot deny the magical effect these gemstones have on our persona.

Contact us and pick your choice from our extravagant choice of Sunstone Oregon Gemstones. Our amazing collection will leave you spellbound.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Tourmaline Gemstone Beads: October’S Birthstone

Tourmaline gemstone beads are one of the most adored semi-precious stones out there. Unlike other gemstones, tourmaline exhibits a range of shades, hues, and colours. Frequently used in jewelry making, tourmaline beads range from glossy black rondelles to intensely red, pear-shaped briolettes, to pale pendants to beads that alter their color in the light.

Quality of the Bead:

Like most gemstones, tourmaline beads range in quality from low to high grade. The cut of the bead plays a significant role in both the beauty and price. Simply put, the clearer the tourmaline, the more radiant it is and therefore it will fetch a higher price. If you require tourmaline beads for a project, then you may purchase them from a craft supplier. For higher quality tourmalines, it is best to obtain them from a reputable gemmologist.

tourmaline beads

Colours of Tourmaline:

Tourmaline beads exhibit a wide range of colours. Each colour possesses its own metaphysical properties. The effect of wearing tourmaline is highly individual. In general, wearing tourmaline gemstone beads helps calm negative emotions. It helps the individual overcome traumatic experiences and sorrow. Tourmaline also promotes open-mindedness and flexible thinking.

Pink: Along with the opal, pink tourmaline is October’s birthstone. Wearing this colour tourmaline helps people deal with panic attacks, fear, dread and inner chaos. Pink tourmaline also helps to promote sympathy and is a symbol of humanitarianism. Counsellors and healers love pink tourmaline because it encourages good understanding and listening skills. Pink tourmaline radiates the highest level of love.

Watermelon: This type of tourmaline bead is pink with green outer edges. It is a stone that foster cool-headedness, reconciliation, and compassion. Wearing watermelon tourmaline helps the wearer attract friendship, healing, and money. It also helps ground the person.

tourmaline gemstone beads

Blue: Wearing blue tourmaline helps the person complete his/her goals. It also provides protection from dangers.

Black: This colour is beneficial in repelling negative energy. In fact, by carrying or wearing this colour of tourmaline, you can repel the presence of negativity that may be surrounding you. It also helps the wearer come out of extreme stress. The wearer also experiences stability, patience, courage and inner wisdom.

Red: Wearing this colour gemstone bead helps the person experience wisdom and inner strength. It helps to unite the body and heart with passion and love. Red tourmaline also brings about emotional stability, devotion, openness, and joy.

Tourmaline gemstone beads radiate colour along with positive energy. To learn more about this fascinating gemstone, contact Ratna Sagar Jewels.

Friday, October 13, 2017

How To Shop For A Diamond: The 4 C’S

Shopping for a diamond is a unique experience. The experience is akin to shopping for a vehicle; you look at the fine details, make and finish. The domain of diamond jewellery is very special. Jewellery manufacturers use a unique language to describe the fine attributes of a particular diamond. When these attributes are linked together, they form a judgement about the quality and ultimately, the price.

If you want to shop with the same vigour and attention a diamond manufacturer would use, then learn the following 4 C’s of diamond shopping:

1.  Carat:

This is in reference to the weight of a diamond. It is measured in metric carats. From a reference perspective, a paper clips equals to the same weight as 2 carats. 

Diamond Beads

2:  Clarity:

Diamonds form naturally in nature, under extreme conditions of pressure and heat. As a result, every single diamond possesses unique characteristics called blemishes and inclusions. These clarity characteristics are very small and minute to be viewed by the naked eye. A trained gemmologist often employs high magnification to view the clarity characteristics of a particular piece and measure it on a clarity scale which ranges from “Included to Flawless”.

3.  Colour:

A colourless diamond is a rare and highly valued find. Many jewellery manufacturers use a letter scale to assess the absence of color. Diamond colours range from absolutely colourless to brown or light yellow. Some colour distinctions are so minor that they can only be ascertained by a trained professional. Nevertheless, colour also plays a significant role in price.

4.  Cut:

The cut of a particular diamond piece refers to its shape, proportions and how well its angles transmit light. The craftsmanship, design and face appearance influence the cut of a diamond. It is also assessed on a scale ranging from poor to excellent.

Diamond Gemstones

By learning the 4 C’s of diamond shopping, you can shop confidently for your diamond. Other tips you can keep in mind are:

•  Shop from a Licensed Jeweller:

Choose a jeweller as you would a doctor. Look for their credentials. They must be a licensed gemmologist. Pay attention to their professional associations and affiliations with various jewellery groups. Do not be tempted to purchase a diamond from a source that appears to be giving you a good “deal”.

•  Purchase it Loose and Set it Later:

When shopping for a diamond gemstone beads, you may want to purchase a loose diamond and have it mounted later. This option is often sought by fiancées who are shopping for an engagement ring. Before having it mounted, you may also choose to get it graded.

For more helpful tips on how to shop for a diamond, please visit Ratna Sagar Jewels.

Monday, September 18, 2017

How To Use Wholesale Tourmaline Gemstone Beads For Good Health?

Tourmaline gemstone or “magic stone” is a semi-precious stone that has similar properties to granite. Its colours range from teal blue to magenta, yellow to meadow-green and sometimes even black. Tourmaline gemstones get their name from the Singhalese language “tura mali”, meaning vibrant colours. What’s special about this gemstone is that it is capable of generating electrical charge and emitting far infrared rays and negative ions.

Tourmaline gemstones

 Negative ions and far infrared rays are capable of penetrating the human body and reaching the innermost areas such as the muscles, tissues and bones. While they are being absorbed, it prompts and stimulates the mind and body. Many research studies have demonstrated that these negative ions and far infrared rays increase the availability of oxygen to the brain and blood. This in turn elevates moods. Many studies have reported patients with improved moods by participating in studies where negative ion generators were used in the study.

What health benefits do tourmaline gemstones have?

Apart from elevating depressed moods and oxygenating the blood and brain, the electromagnetic radiation present in far infrared rays promotes detoxification and boosts immunity. Tourmaline creates electromagnetic resonance in the human body which is capable of increasing alertness, relieving stress and stimulating circulation.

Other health benefits of wearing tourmaline gemstones include:
  • Supports weight loss
  • Support Liver and Kidney function
  • Helps expel toxic metals
  • Reduces the presence of fatty acids and lactic acids in the blood
  • Reduces water retention
  • Boosts sexual vitality
  • Improves recovery after strenuous workouts
How to experience the health benefits of tourmaline gemstones?

Tourmaline gemstones emit negative ions and infrared rays which are absorbed by anyone within close proximity to it. To experience its benefits, you can have tourmaline incorporated into any type of jewellery such as a pendant, ring or bracelet. This must be worn on a daily basis to experience its maximum benefits.

Tourmaline Gemstone Beads

You may also keep the entire gemstone as is in your home or office space. The stone will be able to broadcast its energy into your environment.

To learn more about wholesale tourmaline gemstone beads and how they can benefit your health, visit Ratna Sagar Jewels.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Present Day Practicality and Popularity of Garnet Gemstones among Individuals

Garnet Gemstones irrespective of its color is a pretty gem. It is so because it renders its users with a lot of prestige and adds a sense of aura to that person. It is a gem that is most popular in Russia. Many modern day people are also using Garnet Gemstones in fancy jewelry and also using them to ward off their bad luck. The Russians used to call this gemstone the Imperial Garnet Gemstones. 

It is also known as the most romantic gem since time immemorial. Hence, one can easily deduce that why Diamond Beads Online is increasingly being used in marriage ceremonies. It is also a center stone for many engagement rings in various parts of the world. The look of Garnet Gemstones gets enriched when it is displayed against gold or silver background. This is also the reason that Garnet Gemstones are a favored choice among many jewelers.  

Diamond Beads Online

Its Modern Day Popularity:

It is a widely accepted fact that Garnet Gemstones can be used exclusively in wedding jewelry and ornaments. As it is regarded as one of the most precious stones ever found on this earth, many people also use this stone to decorate their valuable articles. However, it is interesting to note that Garnet Gemstones is a birth symbol of December. Apart from using it in weddings and social occasions, Garnet Gemstones can also be utilized in the designing of several expensive scientific instruments. For instance, with the help of Garnet Gemstones, a high precision lens can be developed with the aid of which one can see minute details. Hence, it can comprehensively replace the usage of bulky microscopes.

It's Distinct Color Varieties:

The different color varieties of Coral Gemstone Beads have further increased its popularity among many people. It is so because, with the help of a variety of colors, many forms of ornaments and beautiful fancy things can be given the look of elegance. There are many color variants of Garnet Gemstones like rose pink, strawberry pink and crimson which has increasingly appealed to the individuals. However, one must verify the originality of the product at the time of buying because these days many duplicate gemstones are flooding the market. The increasing use of Garnet Gemstones in engagement rings for couples is another example.

Coral Gemstone Beads

You can also buy these attractive set of gemstones online. By purchasing from an online source, it can be ensured that you have access to the best quality gemstones.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Emerald: Benefits and the Healing Properties of the Green Stone

If you have recently visited an astrologer or a Guru and have been advised to wear an emerald, consider yourself to be lucky. Firstly, not all the zodiac signs can enjoy the magical benefits of this stone. Secondly, this stone is beautiful and its green color keeps you attached to the Mother Earth you walk on.

All set to know about the miracles that this wonderful green stone can bring into your life? Then read below to know the amazing benefits and healing properties of the beautiful emerald gemstone:

1.  Emerald boosts intelligence in an individual: Despite trying hard, there are times when you are just not able to showcase your intelligence in front of others. When you start wearing emerald beads in jewelry, you will find it easy to influence people with your intellect and skills.

2.  This stone is popular to ignite and sustain spiritual aspects in an individual: If you want to improve your spiritual attributes, emerald is one of the best stones that you can wear. It boosts your meditative skills and makes you closer to your Higher Self.

3.  If you have been going through communication issues or if you want to be understood, emerald can act as a helping hand: It is not your fault when others can’t understand you; there are a lot of people who are misunderstood even by the closest friends they have. However, the day you start wearing this stone is the day when people start understanding you in a better way. Your communication skills are improved with the help of this stone.

4.  There are a lot of allergies that can be avoided and treated with the help of this deep-green colored stone: If you have been allergic to something, emerald can treat it for you.

5.  Breathing and respiratory difficulties can be overcome by wearing an emerald stone: Thousands of people go through breathing and respiratory difficulties. Emerald stone has healing properties for such individuals.

6.  This stone has the capacity to blow off all the emotional burdens you have been going through all this while: Emotional toxicity can drain you. Emerald stone protects you from such a dangerous thing.

7.  Are you always shy or reserved? An emerald is the best friend to an introvert individual: Introverts find it difficult to develop social skills, unless they start wearing an emerald stone.

8.  Physics, astrologers and healers wear this stone to gain name and fame in their fields: Emerald stone promises to enhance psychic abilities in an individual.

9.  Emerald boosts artistic talents in an individual: This is one of the stones that most of the artists wear.

10.  If you want to achieve success in life, this is the stone that promises to help you with the same: No matter what your field is, emerald promises success and fame in your profession.

Apart from the amazing merits of this stone, the most important thing is that it looks delicate and presentable when you wear it. There are only a few stones that are as beautiful as this one.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Aspects of Blue Zircon

Blue Zircon is an extremely hard gemstone. The color of the stone is brilliantly blue. Only a few gemstones in the world can match up to the level of its hardness. People seldom mix the blue zircon with cubic zirconia. Both the stones are poles apart in nature when it comes to their properties of chemical and origin. Zircon is a natural element, with the scientific name zirconium silicate. It is found in Sri Lanka, Brazil, Cambodia, East Africa and Australia. The pure zircon is colorless but takes up hues of many shades when it gathers impurities.

Blue Zircon Gemstones

The fire and the brilliance of this popular gemstone are extremely attractive and also a pricey one when it comes to purchasing. Zircon has a great variety. It is rare too. The gem collectors add this stone to their personal collection in its variety of forms, shapes, and colors. Zircon, for having unique features and characteristics is popular with the geologists to study. The colors of availability of zircon are honey, blue, red, white, green, etc. They are not radioactive by nature.

Among all of the above-mentioned colors, blue zircon gemstone is the most popular and the most favorite of the gemstone enthusiasts. It is better to buy the blue zircon in loose form rather than in the pre-set format because you will get the full value of the stone. In fact, buying loose blue zircon can also save a lot of money. The first and the most important thing to consider while buying the stone is to know the details of it before hand. Before buying this stone, it is very important to remember that the deep blue shade of the blue zircon can hide the deformity of the stone. Take a very careful look at it when you are buying from the dealer.

Blue Zircon Beads

While buying loose blue zircon, you would enjoy the liberty to choose the shape of your choice and also the cut of it. The loose blue zircon will be able to help you to create a fascinating piece of jewelry that you have always wished for owning and flaunting.