Wednesday, October 19, 2016

How to test Rubies: An Overview

Rubies are one of the rare and precious forms of gemstones, distinguished from the likes of emeralds and diamonds with its garish scarlet red colour. Meanwhile, market boasts of variety of ruby gemstone beads with primary hues ranging from yellow to blue to even purples! But nothing like the pale rose pink rubies that have ruled the hearts of Dukes and Emperors for centuries.

How to tell if the ruby is real or fake? Here is what gem experts do to distinctly identify real rubies from the cheap imposters.

Primary Identification using Colour Consistency test:

What you see is what you get. Ruby is a blood red gemstone belonging to the family of corundum. The colour is present due to the chromium ions that inundate the crystal lattice largely containing aluminium oxide. If the colour is consistent with fine rutile impregnated in the crystal, it means the ruby is fine and untreated. If you miss out on the rutile, it means that the stone has been treated in heat to look finer and give a more consistent colour. A shade of imperfection is what makes rubies so attractive.

Test to find specific gravity:

Purest ruby corundum will bear a specific gravity of 3.98 with tolerance of 0.5% depending on the source of the stone. A special solution called “Clerici” is used to check the specific gravity of a ruby gem. Since the specific gravity of the dense fluid is 4.0, the rubies are supposed to float and displace the same weight of the fluid.

Note: In market, rubies are available in the range between 3.95 and 4.05 specific gravity.

Test for Refractive Index:

In terms of opacity, rubies can show transparency as well as translucency. The refractive index of a pure ruby is anywhere between 1.763 and 1.768 with dispersion measured under spectrometer coming at 0.018. Cheaper version of rubies and other gemstones have a much lower refractive index, often counted between 1.66 and 1.70.

Double Refraction Test:

Now we are taking serious science. Ruby gemstones do not boast of any particular line of cleavage. The fractures occur in conchoids or splintery manner. The hexagonal crystal structure of ruby and the internal fracture plane splits a single beam of light into two, leading to a phenomenon called Double Refraction. When observed under a polariscope, ruby exhibit birefringence or dispersion of 0.08.

Fluorescence Test:

Rubies are exposed to florescent light and the refraction is checked with Chelsea Colour filter. Luminescence of rubies when florescent light is passed through them bears crimson or orange light. No other stone apart from ruby will give a red when exposed to florescent light. This is a key separation test between rubies and garnets.

Popularity of synthetic rubies:

Use of synthetic rubies is not a taboo! They are imitation stones made by burning scarlet wool under the base. They were largely used to manufacture Ruby Lasers in the 60s. Red spinel gemstones, red tourmaline, Rubellite and Balas ruby are some of the names you should stay away as a buyer.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

A look at Top 5 Most Expensive Gemstones in the World

Since the ancient times, gems and jewels act as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. There are numerous gemstones available in the world. They are classified on the basis of various factors, and this in turn plays a great role in determining their price. Some stones emit sparkle and a different hue altogether. Consequently, they have turned out to be the rarest and also the most expensive ones on the earth. They are expensive not only due to their rarity or color, but also because of their characteristics and powers.

A List of The Most Expensive Gemstones:

Below is a list of some of the most expensive gemstones available in the world.

1.  Blue garnet:

When it comes to garnet, you possibly think of a deep red stone. Apart from that, the stone is also available in blue, but they are very rare. The blue hues are generally spotted in the color changing garnets based on the angle you hold them. Therefore, they are highly valuable. The blue garnet is counted among one of the most expensive gemstone in the world.

2.  Red diamonds:

These stones are very rarely available. If you have a close look at Red Diamond gemstones, you will find that these are actually purplish red and not pure red. These look amazingly gorgeous, and hence it can easily be said that it is one of the most expensive gemstones of all.

3.  Serendibite:

Most people have not heard of this gemstone, but it is very valuable. The color of this stone might vary ranging from gray blue to blue green and pale yellow. Some of these stones are also available in black, and many contain no hues or colors, at all.

4.  Jadeite:

It might be one of the most precious stones in the entire world. It might come either in bright bold green or have an emerald hue in it. Apart from that, it might even come in blue or white color. Some pieces of the stone might even contain lots of hues. If the green is brighter, the price tends to rise. It is a type of jade, but it is not the most common variety of stone. If you find affordable jade in the market, it is possibly nephrite. An expensive jade gemstone will give you an indication that you are looking at a genuine jade stone.

5.  Musgravite:

The name of the stone was derived from the place it was first received. The stone is generally violet in color, but it might often appear in grayish tint. Some of these might be lighter while some might be darker in color. Since the stone is incredible rare in availability, it is highly expensive and valuable.

In fact, you should not be surprised to know that apart from the above mentioned ones, there are many other expensive gemstones like red beryl, taaffeite, bixbite and others. These are priced on the basis of different factors. Moreover, the prices might also go up and down from time to time based on their availability and market value. Therefore, if you are looking forward to purchasing any of these stones, you should buy them from an authentic dealer.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Take a look at top 5 Benefits of Turquoise Gemstone!

Gemstones are not only beautiful, but also extremely powerful. They can do different things in your body and can help you cope up with different stress that you go through. The biggest thing that any gemstone does for you is heal you completely.

When you are under depression, there are a lot of pains that you suffer from. However, these pains are not physical, but are emotional or spiritual. To your surprise, getting rid of spiritual pains is far more difficult than getting rid of the physical ones. This is where turquoise gemstone comes into the picture to heal you completely.

Wondering how you are healed by this stone? Read below to know about it:

1.  It keeps you away from violence: If you have gone through a lot of violent problems in life, this is the only stone that can protect you. The best part is that it can help you in violent relationships as well. Also, if you feel violent at times, this stone can keep you away from such negative thoughts and feelings.

2.  It protects you from evil spirits: Believe it or not, spirits exist and a lot of paranormal activists have proven their presence around us. There are times when evil spirits pass through your path. This is the time when you need to be protected; with the help of turquoise gemstone beads, you can easily keep yourself away from such spirits. When you have a strong stone on your finger, there is nothing else that you need in your life. All the demons and devils can be kept away from yourself, with the help of this stone.

3.  It heals your communication issues: Every individual needs to work hard on your communication skills. However, there are times when, despite the efforts, you are unable to improve your listening and speaking skills or people are unable to understand you. In such situations, the best thing to do is wear a turquoise stone on your finger. It heals your communication problems and lessens the misunderstandings between you and your loved ones. People start taking your talks seriously and get direct messages, instead of taking you wrongly.

4.  It enhances spiritual attunement: We all need spiritual attunement; we have got to be closer to our own soul in order to make our lives better. If you want to be closer to yourself, it is always good to wear this stone on your finger. When you wear this stone, you feel spiritually closer to yourself and the ultimate power you believe in.

5.  It keeps you away from bad luck: There are times when you feel extremely bad about your life; nothing seems right and everything seems disturbed. This is when you need some support to help yourself; this is exactly where this stone helps you. It makes sure that all the negative energies are pulled out of your body and you get a stronger and positive aura. When you have a bright aura, you attract good luck.

Friday, September 9, 2016

How Songea Sapphire Gemstone Heals You?

Even though Songea Sapphire comes out as rough and unattractive, when the stone is polished and shaped, it enhances and turns very attractive. There are only a few people, who know about the presence of this stone in the world, but the ones who know of it also know the kind of benefits it has.

One of the biggest benefits of wearing this stone is that it heals you completely. If you are wondering how, following are the top three ways in which you are healed, with the help of this stone:

1.  It helps in healing emotional imbalances: Not everybody knows how to balance emotions; not everybody knows how to control their tears or be strong when strength is needed; not everybody knows when to cry and when to laugh! If you think you are going through some terrible emotional imbalances, mood swings and depression, this is one of the sapphires that can really prove beneficial to you. The day you wear this sapphire, there is a different feeling that you get within yourself. 

You know how to move ahead with the things you want to do and how to get them done. You neither get over-excited nor over-depressed in the situations that come in your life, once you have this sapphire touching any part of your skin, constantly.

2.  It helps in healing a lot of physical problems: This is something that most of the sapphires are known for – if you wear Songea Sapphire Beads, there are certain physical problems as well that get healed. First of all, most of the health related problems are related to stress, which comes when you don’t have a stable mind, which is the result of imbalanced emotions.

If you wear this sapphire, as mentioned earlier, you have a stable mind and balanced emotions, thanks to which you are able to control your stress level, which leads to improvement of health. This means that you don’t fall ill often and minor health related issues are easily conquered with the help of this stone.

3.  It helps in healing your spirit: It is just not possible for you to heal your spirit, without having a stone for yourself. Even Reiki practitioners and spiritual healers take the help of some stones to heal an individual. If you don’t trust us, you can contact any spiritual healer and ask about the benefit of Songea Sapphire Gemstone Beads. This stone is popular for its spiritual healing quality. If you are into the practice or meditation, see the difference in your concentration levels as well, once you start wearing this stone.

You can never succeed in life, unless you are emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually stable. Since this stone is able to heal you in a lot of ways, you feel much better and are able to become more balanced in your life. With improved emotions, you can take better decisions in your life and stick to them. You become wiser and spread the same wisdom in the world.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Top 6 Gemstones for People Born Under Taurus Sun Sign

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it covers people who are born between April 21 and May 21. Taureans are known to be patient, determined, reliable, practical and with loving and warm nature. It is one of the most head strong and stubborn of all sun signs. When it comes to gemstones in accordance with the ruling planets and personality traits, there are several options to consider. According to both Western and Vedic astrology, different stones are suitable for this sun sign.

The Ideal Gemstones For Taurus:

If you have Taurus sun sign, you can check out the list of stones that you might wear for bringing good luck and prosperity. Check out the list below:

1.  Rose quartz:

This Rose Quartz is said to bring love, peace and happiness. It even promotes forgiveness and friendship. Rose quartz is a symbol of love and beauty and thereby it eases the emotional traumas calming down the emotions. In addition to that, the stone is known to stimulate intellect and imagination leading to self respect and self love. In fact, it is beneficial for the whole body because of its immense healing powers.

2.  Amber:

This stone has also been identified as the main birthstone of Taurus. This is not exactly a stone, but a fossilized resin coming in green or yellow color. This stone can enhance luck aiding to the overall physical strength. It can even help in achieving success in the practical ventures and brings luck in love and healing.

3.  Emerald:

This is the traditional birthstone of Taurus. It can conduct energies of the Venus due to which it enhances the potential of the wearer in great ways.  Emerald can promote the values of loyalty, love, faithfulness and friendship. Apart from that, it can also increase faith and memory. The stone comprises of many healing properties and is effective for eye problems, headaches and mental health.

4.  Sapphire:
It is being recognized as the main birthstone for Taurus and it is also the traditional birthstone of April. The Sapphire gemstone beads can bring inner peace and result in spiritual enlightenment. In addition to that, the stone can even counteract depressions. 

5.  Aventurine:

The planetary Aventurine gemstone for Taurus is characterized by luster and the color ranges from green, yellow and blue. It is known to bring emotional and spiritual healing. It can even strengthen luck.

6.  Garnet:

The beautiful garnet gemstone comes in wide range of colors, which can include red, green and yellow. It can enhance the powers of healing and bring about inner strength. As a result, you will benefit from this stone when you use it. 
In fact, you should not be surprised to know that there are many other gemstones associated with this sun sign. Apart from the above mentioned ones, some of these stones include turquoise, topaz, agate, lapis lazuli and many more. You should check out the characteristics of these stones in order to determine which of them can best suit your needs. You can go for them accordingly.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How the Moonstone Gemstone can transform you life?

Among the different gemstones used in the ancient times, moonstone is one of the most popular ones. It appears crystalline, but it is not as crystalline as it looks. It is made of Feldspar mineral, which is known to be one of the best minerals in the entire earth. However, one of the crucial things that you will find is its unique property. As the name implies, it has a relation with the Moon, and the stone is meant to reflect the truth of a person in every way. Even the Greeks and Romans associated Moonstone with the God of the Moon and Diana. Diana was the goddess of love, wealth and fertility. Let us find out how the moonstone Moonstone Gemstone can transform you life?

Moonstone & Feng Shui:

In Fen Shui, Moonstone can be used for several functions. By placing the stone in the southwest corner of the home, it can help in attracting calming feminine energies. In addition to that, it can even bring magical love and resolve marital issues. Moreover, the stone can often balance the male positive energies in the work area in areas where female positive energies are not present. 

Moonstone & Cleansing:

Being associated with the moon, the best time to work with this stone is during a full moon. By soaking the moonstone beads in sea salt and distilled water, you can recharge and activate the stone. Leave the stone overnight during a full moon. This in turn will not only cleanse the stone, but also activate the positive energies into your life.

The Ideal Chakra:

Its strong connection with the moon makes it an effective gemstone for balancing the 2nd chakra of spleen. Moreover, it can even balance the 3rd chakra or the Solar Plexus, which can re-wire the emotional patterns of thinking. This in turn can help you to become more intuitive.   

Understanding The Benefits:

Moonstone Gemstone Beads are a highly powerful stone and it is said to bring in a balance in an unbalanced life. Take a look at some of the benefits of the stone.

  • The stone is said to have a connection with the moon, and possesses its power of attraction.
  • It is known for calming and relaxing the mind
  • It can stimulate the pineal glands, thereby balancing the hormonal cycles.
  • Moonstone is best regarded as a feminine stone, and hence it can balance feminine energy
  • The creativity and intuition level is enhanced, and it brings proper perception and insight
  • The stone is known, as traveler’s stone because it can offer protection to travelers from any unknown dangers.
  • The negativity associated with all the chakras.
  • It is even considered as a stone of good fortune
  • It can treat problems associated with fertility, post menstrual syndrome and other female related issues.
  • It can strongly attract love and soul mates.
  • The moonstone gemstone can even enhance the clairvoyance, psychic abilities and self expression.
  • It is the ideal stone for conducting a successful business and maintaining clients.  

Thursday, July 14, 2016

A look into popular Lapis Lazuli Gemstone

Lapis Gemstone is known as a popular gemstone for a long time, and it is popular even today. These can be converted into jewelries, beads and carvings. The gemstone is attractive with its bright blue color, which can even be used in cosmetics and paintings. The eye appeal and contrast created by this stone is superb. Today, its jewelry is very common, and in most cases it is embedded in silver metal. Apart from women, these are also used as jewels of men. The stone has a tough nature and comes with an excellent polish. Anyone fascinated with gemstones also love this gem.

The Value Of The Stone:

The color of the stone is one of the most noticeable and distinguishing factor in the stone. The deep blue shade comes with violent tones. At times, these can also be found with uniform specimens that can attain a smooth and polished surface. Inclusions of calcites often lower the value of the stone. On the other hand, pyrite inclusions can enhance the value. The quality of polish is a great factor in determining the overall value of the stone. 

Availability Of Synthetics:

Today, many large jewelry stores offer the synthetic version of the stone. While some are with pyrite, others do not contain any pyrite. It is true that these synthetics are modern inventions, yet the imitations can be traced back to the ancient Egyptian history. These are also available in artifacts with blue paints and glass backs and are carved in blue ceramic materials. This was an attempt to imitate the original stone.
On the other hand, the stimulants of the modern era include anything from glass, enamel, plastic and various dyed gems like jasper and howlite. In this context, it is important to remember that sodalite is the only natural gemstone available in larger sizes. It is deep blue enough to convince the look of a lapis simulant.

Determining The Natural Stone:

It is often seen that acid testing is done to the stone in order to determine whether the stone is natural. A drop of hydrochloric acid on the stone will release the gas of H2S, and this will indicate whether lapis is natural or a synthetic version. On the other hand, streak testing is also done and the natural specimen of lapis will leave behind a light blue streak. Both these types of tests should be conducted only by a professional gemologist. 

Sizes And Care:
The rough blocks of lapis that come in fine color can be over the weight of 100 kg. These are mainly found in Afghanistan. The stone has the hardness of about 5-6 inches. Therefore, when it is converted into jewelry, it requires appropriate care. It is widely used in bracelets and rings. By choosing a protective setting, it can be used for occasional wearing. At times, it might even require periodic re-polishing. Soft brush and a mild soap are recommended for cleaning the stone. Make sure that you avoid mechanical cleaning with chemical solvents.